The main goal and focus of our organization, which operates on a strictly volunteer basis, is to promote and expand sterilization, rehabilitation, rescue and adoption of neglected, abused and homeless animals throughtout our region and surrounding cities in Poland.

Our accomplishments to date include the following:

  1. We have secured our own veterinary clinic with a staff veterinarian for the purpose of performing systematic sterilization as needs arise and as our funds allow.
  2. Visiting schools and teaching children the importance of compassion and kindness toward animals and the negative consequences of overpopulation.
  3. Raising funds to secure a parcel of land and to properly develop housing for animals found in order to provide proper medical attention, rehabilitation and prepare them for a safe and secure adoption.
  4. To date our organization has sterilized over 1000 animals, has secured over 1500 dogs and cats and has adopted out 450 animals.
  5. Offer training to qualified staff volunteers on proper methods of humanely capturing homeless animals that are difficult to catch or skittish.

Below are photos documenting our various activities including fund raising, our clinic and sterilization in progress, classroom sessions with children and teachers as well as our volunteer staff.

People with heart and motivation can bring about positive change in the lives of suffering animals and improve the status quo of what unfortunately still exists in many parts of Poland. In order for us to expand our sterilization further, a lot more funding is needed and we therefore are appealing to all organizations and individuals who wish to contribute towards this effort.


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